Sagara: Marikamba Jatre/Fair

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Sagara Marikamba Jatre is the one among the largest fair in Karnataka State of India. This is conducted once in three years. The goddess Marikamba will stay in her Rudra avtar for 9 days. The deity is specially worshipped as the presiding deity of all epidemics like small pox, plague, cholera and natural disasters like floods, famines and cyclones, which take toll of thousands. Millions of people rush in from remote parts of the country to take the blessings of the Goddess Marikamba.

Jatre starts on Tuesday and ends on next Wednesday. During the festival, the Goddess will be erected on beautifully-decorated pandal, and devotees will make offerings.

There are two different temples for this Goddess. One temple is known as Mother’s house and other as Husband house. The first pooja of the Goddess will be performed in her Mother’s place. The whole process is all about marrying the Goddess.

The procession of Goddess will start on Tuesday night from Mother’s place. Even though the distance between the temples is less than half a kilometer, it will take 3 to 4 hours to reach from Mother’s house to husband’s house. The people in the town believe that the Goddess refuse to come out of Mother’s house. Only after lots of pooja and offerings to the Goddess, She will start to move.

Goddess will be there in Husband’s house for rest of the days. On the ninth day night, the idol is taken through the streets in a procession accompanied with dancing, singing, and fanfare to leave the idol in deep forest.

The main temple of the Marikamba is at the junction of four crossing roads.

I would like to take here an opportunity to say a story and to tell the readers about the power of this Goddess. The Panchayat once decided to move the temple from the center point to some other location. The moment first stone was tried to remove, the town was attacked with all epidemics. Days passed away but the death rate and epidemics didn’t come down. Later, panchayat decided not to proceed with the demolition of the temple and prayed to the Goddess. Mercy was showered by the Goddess on the town people and all sorts of epidemic were stopped.

Om Sri Marikamba Deviai Namaha

P.S: I am trying to get the story behind this fair. If I get it, I will post it in my blog. In case any of my blog readers know it, send it to me.


Women’s Day Special Tea

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This is an incident that happened in a happy family. Husband and Wife came home from their work. Very tired and exhausted!!!

Husband with all enthu to surprise his wife said, Darling, I will prepare evening tea for both of us on Women’s day occasion.

Wife felt as if she is on the top of the world…
With full pride “Thanks dear, so nice of you”
They continued with their talks and in the meantime husband was preparing tea. They usually have a habit of sharing things that they did through the day.

Wife: “Sweetheart, you can do multitasking, think about our weekend plan”
Husband raising his eye brows… poured water in the bowl and kept it for boiling, added milk, added tea powder and took the box which was next to tea powder box added it. He was preparing tea, all the way thinking of the weekend plan

Wife staring from far asked “Oh my dear, you are preparing special tea for me. I am feeling great…… hope the tea will be awesomeeeeeee…”
With a funny mark on the face 😉

Guess what……. Speaking to wife and planning for the weekend…..Husband had added Salt instead of Sugar.

Oh goddddddddddddddddddddd..

Husband with full smile: “This is the outcome of multitasking.”

Later husband prepared special tea without any thoughts running and had a nice evening..
Of course, it was a fresh tea with sugar

Morel of the story:
@Women: Multitasking is specifically meant for Women
@Men: Give surprise which is feasible to you

Which is most dangerous animal

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Can anyone answer this? You may think of Tiger, Lion, Snake… I would like to say, its us, The Human Beings. Watch the videos and decide. I have collected these from different websites, thanks to those who have uploaded these videos. Don’t test your heart, in case weak, don’t see.

These are the games conducted in different parts of the world just to find a means of entertainment. What we earn at the end of the day is torturing a victim who can’t defend.

Look at the video, can we differentiate who is actually an animal…

Here is a glimpse of what happens in fur farms, do you think fur is basic need of life. Can’t we survive without that?

One more paradigm of this sick hobby…game played for fun…

Seal hunting,

Stop treating innocent animals and start loving them in-turn they will love you.

See to want extent they can love us, after all they are also creation of God whom we worship. Most wild animal has some gratitude towards human who loves them.

I have just tried to take a step against this sick hobby by putting this together for the readers of my blog. Hope that atleast we wont do the same. Give respect and take respect that’s all I can say and try to be human beings.

Travelogue: Banavasi

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It was a Sunday when we decided to go to Banavasi from my home town. It is very close to my town but visited only twice during my school excursion. This is the place where we can confidently say history unite with art.

I will tell the route from Bangalore as it starting point for most of us. It is 393km from Bangalore. Either you can take Shimoga road or Chitradurga road from Tumkur.

Three ways to reach Banavasi:

1. Via Shimoga – Sagar – Sorabha – Banavasi
2. Via Shimoga – Shikaripura – Sorabha – Banavasi
3. Via Chitradurga – Haveri – Banavasi

We went in one more route, as we were suppose to drop my relative.
• Via Sagar- Sirsi- Banavasi

We had our lunch in Sirsi and reached Banavasi at 12:30 pm. Sirsi to Banavasi road was full of greenery. As the name says, Banavasi is nestled in the forest. It is on the bank of river Varada. The most significant importance of Banavasi is, it is ruled by three different dynasties: Kadambas, Chalukyas and Hoysalas. This was the capital of the Kadambas, the first kingdom of ancient Karnataka. This is where the temple architecture of the Chalukyas and the Hoysalas got its basic elements. This was the ancient place of learning to which scholars flocked from other states like Goa and Maharashtra.

The temple welcomes us with two beautifully carved elephants.

The main idol of this temple is Lord Shiva in the inner most sanctum. Here the God is known as Madhukeshwara Swamy. After Grabhagudi, the inner most sanctum, comes the Prayer hall/Sankalpa mantapa reveals the influence of the Chalukya style.

The Bell just outside the Grabhagudi vibrates for a minute or more and one can hear as if somebody is chanting the word “OM”.

In front of sankalpa mantapa is Dancing hall/Nartana mantapa. This is built in Hoysala period and has wonderful carving on the pillars and the ceiling. This is the place where the legendary Natyarani Shantala challenged the famed musician Allama Prabhu. The pillars in this hall are carved so well that, it acts like a mirror and people sitting in any corner of the temple can see the dance performance.

In front of the dancing hall, there is a seven foot huge Nandi idol made of a single stone.

Madhukeshwara Temple is surrounded by a number of temples dedicated to Parvati, Veerabhadra, Narasimha and Srirama. The Ashtadikpalas, rulers of eight directions depicted in Indian mythology, are seen here along with their Goddesses. You can call Banavasi temple as anthology of all Gods and Goddesses from all main pilgrim centers of India. It is a belief that if you visit Madhukeshwara Temple, you can feel the satisfaction of having visited all the important pilgrim centers in India.

The stone cot and the Triloka Mantapa in Banavasi are carved in a single stone. These are dedicated to the Lord by Sonda rulers.

Behind the main temple, you can find Santha Narasimha temple. Specialty of this is, here you see Lord Narasimha who is generally angry, in Santha/Calm temper.
A unique ‘Ardha Ganapathi’ which literally portrays vertically-half Lord Ganesha, symbolizes His bachelorhood.

On left side of main temple, one can find the temple of Goddess Parvathi. The main door of the Parvati temple has two huge windows on either side. The windows have square slots in them. Amazing part was, the head of Nandi in Shiva temple is titled in such a way that the left eye of Nandi is seeing Lord Shiva and right eye seeing Lord Parvathi to make Nandi to look at Shiva and Parvathi at the same time. When we stand in front of the left window in Parvati temple and turn towards left, in between the pillars and walls we can notice Nandi’s right eye. Hats off!!!

From the main hall of Parvathi temple, you can see Sakshi Ganapathi on your right side. People in Banavasi say that one who visit Madhukeshwara temple should see Sakshi Ganapathi for proving their visit.

This is all about Banavasi temple. We returned to my home town at 5:00 pm.

My school annual day

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Last week I went to my hometown and attended my school annual day.

I was simply overwhelmed by the performance that I decided to write a blog on it.

First performance was from Lower K G kids.. I missed this performance as I was late to the function. Sad 😦

No words to explain the next performance
Kids doing duet dances…Huh!!! how cute they look…felt like jumping onto the stage and dancing with them. Weather was also in-sink with the performance.

Cool breeze…No pollution…me and my cousin were just in swing with the music.

Also being away from the city buzz and pollution, in a lovely green weather, added to the enjoyment of watching the lovely performance

Folk dance added glory to the event…Holding those gigantic sticks and God’s idol for 15 minutes upon which performing the dance…it was really appreciable…

Awesome!!! Now-a-days kids are very daring…they were doing gymnastics…
With concentration and hardwork, one could achieve anything was the moral.

Another performance which was noticeable, Punjabi dance by 6th standard students…
For a minute I felt like I am in Panjab. Punjabi style has its own spirit. No one can sit idle and decent when a Punjabi beat is ON

I recollected my good old school days, I used to be a part of these activities.

Giving excuses to teachers for not attending classes…bugging parents to get the dance dress …Showing day today dance steps to grandparents…

I totally miss it 😦

At the end, I felt childhood innocence and antics are not any different over generations keeping aside all the technology advancements and generation gaps.
Watching them redo the same things that I have done years ago was like reliving my childhood
How I wish I had a time machine with which I would have gone back to my school days…

Healthy Possessiveness…

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 You might be thinking how the emotion of possessiveness can be healthy in a relationship.

Read the story and rethink

 Once it happened that a couple were going on a long drive and wife hears a song and say that “Hey, I love this song…you know from when.
On our company’s family day occasion, your team member sang this song so well with full joy and enthu, me and my team members enjoyed it a lot. At that moment I started to love this song and became a great fan to that guy…”

 Husband with raised eyebrows…thinking what else my wife is going to say

She added “Convey to your colleague that I am big fan of his voice”

 That’s it…can you imagine the state of her husband…

 Poor guy…cares and loves his wife so much that he agreed to convey the message…

 Next day, while he was getting ready to office, wife reminded him

“Honey, you remember right…you have to convey a message to your colleague”

 Sad smiley 😦 “Yes, I do remember”

 He returned from office, tired, no energy. You know right how these software engineers are horrified with work…

 Wife took his bag and gave him a hot tea…sat next to him

 Asked “Did you conveyed my message to your colleague”

Again a sad smile 😦 “Yes honey, I did”

Wife with full eagerness: “What was his response?”

Husband: “I said my wife’s team members are fan of your voice”

Wife: “Good”

 Can you imagine why wife said just Good?

Well! she wanted that response from her hubby…She was curious to know how possessive her husband is.

 This is a healthy possessiveness…

 That’s why I say minuscule possessiveness is always a healthy one…Until it doesn’t grow to a massive one…

Travelogue: Bangalore to Masinagudi

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Jungle hut, this is the place where we stayed for two days. These two days were most memorable days of mine. I and my hubby always used to think that we should visit a hill station, but never the Dream was turned into reality. Finally, we decided to go to Masinagudi which is a part of Madumalai forest.


Masinagudi is 250 km from Bangalore. You have to take Bangalore-Mysore NH. Once you reach Mysore, take left on the Mysore outer ring road and go along the Ooty road. After 91km, you will cross Karnataka and enter Tamilnadu – Madumalai forest. Few km from the border, you will get four way junctions; you will find a tea stall to the left and TTDC tourism to the right. Take the route towards Bokkapuram, near a junction; you will have sign boards for all the resorts. Take the route towards Jungle Hut.

We reached the resort at 12 pm. We had our lunch and took a nice nap. Evening we opted for massage from Spa. The resort has a Spa inside there premises. Massage was so relaxing, felt as if we had a new birth with sky touching energy level. That night I slept like a log.

 Next day morning I got up at 6:00 am. It was still dark, felt something is moving near the window, got scared. Have to open the door. Huh!!! Imagine what I saw, bunch of Deer, gazing around. Overwhelming, dazed…there are no other words to explain. I ran inside the room to bring my camera to capture these God’s beautiful creatures.


This was just the beginning…

 We left the resort at 6:30 am for morning safari. We went towards Bandipur national forest. We were so excited to see the greenery all over. Suddenly, our guide said to slow down. My hubby got scared; we were searching for some animals. But, never imagine that we will see a wild elephant. Hiding behind the tree, staring at us…As if, it wants to say “Go Away from my sight”.


We moved on and could see lots of Deer. And there came our National Bird, Peacock.

Wow!!! Amazing are its colors, walk…too good…

 We went further inside. We could see a dog moving. Although we thought “take it easy…it is just a dog”, we had a doubt. One dog came out of the bush and crossed the road. We could see its tree trunk body color and think black tail and we were wonder stuck…It was a Wild Dog!!! Other one was still hiding behind the bush and watching us. It went little further along the bush and crossed the road.


 We came back from the safari at 9:00 am. Had breakfast and roamed in the resort. Went to their private garden, pool…

 In the evening at 6:00 pm, we left the resort to go for night safari. We got a crazy idea of going in our own car, only we both. But nothing can stop us doing this…

We went again in the Bandipur forest. Coolly, slowly, and enjoying the ride deep in the forest. It was already 7:00, dark. Our fear factor was increasing…

 Out of the blue, we could see a black thing moving. I told my hubby to slow down little more. There was the giant, A Bison. Waiting to cross the road and scary part was, even we have to cross the same road in tangential way. It looked at our car, we had a high beam. It stopped. My hubby took a daring step and crossed the bison. We got our normal heart beat back.

  We came back to resort at 9:30 pm. Next day morning, we had breakfast and left to Bangalore.

I like to visit this place once more. What do you think? 🙂

Panchatantra Story Returns ….

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This is a forward message…Just dont want to miss it…Stored it in my blog…

Once upon a time, there was a software engineer who used to develop programs on his Pentium machine, sitting under a tree on the banks of a river. He used to earn his bread by selling those programs in the Sunday market.

One day, while he was working, his machine tumbled off the table and Fell in the river. Encouraged by the Panchatantra story of his childhood (the woodcutter and the axe), he started praying to the River Goddess.

The River Goddess wanted to test him and so appeared only after one month of rigorous prayers. The engineer told her that he had lost his computer in the river.

As usual, the Goddess wanted to test his honesty.

She showed him a match box and asked, “Is this your computer ?”

Disappointed by the Goddess’ lack of computer awareness, the engineer replied, “No.”

She next showed him a pocket-sized calculator and asked if that was his.

Annoyed, the engineer said “No, not at all!!”

Finally, she came up with his own Pentium machine and asked if it was his.

The engineer, left with no option, sighed and said “Yes.”

The River Goddess was happy with his honesty. She was about to give Him all three items, but before she could make the offer, the engineer asked her, “Don’t you know that you’re supposed to show me some better computers before bringing up my own ?”

The River Goddess, angered at this, replied, “I know that, you stupid idiot! The first two things I showed you were the Trillennium and the Billennium, the latest computers from IBM!” So saying, she disappeared with the Pentium!!

Moral : If you’re not up-to-date with technology trends, it is better keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a genius, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!

Travelogue: Bangalore to Lepakshi

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This was a long awaiting trip for my hubby. Myself, my hubby and his cousin started at 11 am from home. It is nearly 120km from Bangalore. It is in Bangalore-Hyderabad NH7. It took 2 hours to reach. After 5km from the toll gate, we have to take a right and from there it is 15km. We were so much into our talks, we missed this turn, went 5km ahead and finally came back.

  Lepakshi is a small historic place with huge Nandi structure and Veerabhadra temple. This temple has three shrines for Shiva, Vishnu and Veerabhadra. This was constructed by two brothers Viranna and Virupanna. The huge Nandi is made out of a single granite stone and from there you can see one of the five Shiva lingas.


 We went inside the temple and tried to know about the temple by our own. Finally, with all digress; we decided to hire a guide. Here is what he said;

 This temple was constructed during Krishnadevaraya’s kingdom. The main shrine is dedicated to Veerabhadra and other two to Shiva and Vishnu. Also on the roof there are so many beautiful paintings done by natural color mixtures. These painting depict several stories like Ramayana, Shiva Kalyana.


 From the main temple we went to main hall, this is also called as Nirtyamatapam. Here you will find dancing idol of Ramba with other Gods playing instruments.

There are many specialties in this temple such as Vastu Purusha idol, Padmini race Lady idol.

 In this hall, you will find one pillar standing in air. This is called Moolastamba, means main pillar. Once it so happened that Britishers came to visit this temple and were astonished to see the pillar standing in air. They tried to move this pillar and to their surprise all the pillars in that hall started to shake.

 Going round the temple from the main hall, you will find a big Shiva linga with snake. Here is a small story for this: The sculptors of this temple came to have lunch, but found that it was not yet prepared. They thought till the food is ready, they can do some work instead of sitting idle. They carved this beautiful Shiva linga with snake.

 After you cross this, you will get an idol of Ganesha. As per Hinduism, before performing any task, we worship Ganesha. Here you can also see the story of Sri Kalahasthi, a Shiva temple.

 You can find open air kalyana mantapam, after this Ganesha idol. Here there are more than 1000 designs carved on the pillars and are now used in sarees. A small story is narrated here about this mantapam, this portrays the story of Lord Shiva’s marriage. Who were the guests, how they were seated and other stuffs. This mantapam is not complete. As the history says, due to king’s misunderstanding with Virupanna, king ordered to make him blind. Hearing this, Virupanna plucked his own eyes and throw at this temple walls. Till date one can find those blood scars on that particular wall.


 Outside this mantapam, you can see big Dining plates. This leaves an image of how gigantic they were.

 Last one to visit was Sita Amma padam. They say that, when Sita was taken over by Ravana, Jataayu came to save Sita and fought with Ravana. While Jataayu was wounded, Sita kept her feet on the ground and water started to flow from that place. This water saved Jataayu till Lord Rama came. They say, water will never get dried in this place.

 This is the place where Lord Rama had buried Jaytaayu’s body.

 We started back at 3:00 pm and reached home at 5:00 pm.

Way of life

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Last week I attended a workshop. It was fantastic, changed the way I think. The mentor of this workshop narrated a story.

A crocodile was living joyfully in a bank of river. One day, it is trapped in a net. Poor crocodile was shouting for help. No one turned up.

A small kid was walking across the bay along with his doggy, saw the crocodile requesting for help.

Boy: Hello Crocodile, what happened to you?
Crocodile: I have been caught in the net. Please free me from this. I have
Boy: What if you eat me off once you are out of the net?
Crocodile: How can I do this to a person who saved my life?

Believing this Boy releases Crocodile from net. As soon as, crocodile’s mouth became free, it grabs him.

Boy: How can you do this to me? You promised me that you wont eat me.
Crocodile: This is the way of life.
Boy: No, you cant do this to me.
Crocodile: If you want, you can ask as many as possible and confirm. This is the way of life

This raised a question in the Boy’s mind and he started to ask. First he opted to ask this to a tree. Narrates all the incidents and asks

Boy: Tree, please let me know whether this is the way of life
Tree: Yes, I grow up, give shade, give fruits and finally Men will come and cut me off.
This is the way of life.

Then boy moves on and asks to a bird.

Boy: Bird, please let me know whether this is the way of life
Bird: Yes, I build up my nest and lay eggs. Finally, snakes will come and take off my eggs and destroy my nest. This is the way of life.

Boy sees a rabbit passing by and asks, Is crocodile right?

Rabbit asks to crocodile, “Did you say that to that boy?
Crocodile says: Yes, I did.
Rabbit: Wait a minute, We’ve got to discuss this.
Rabbit: How can we discuss it when you’ve got that boy in your mouth? Release him; he’s got to take part in the discussion, too.
Crocodile: You are very clever. The moment I release him, he’ll run away.
Rabbit: I thought you had more sense than that. If he attempted to run away, one slash of your tail would kill him.

After thinking for a while

Crocodile: Yes, I can do that.

Crocodile released the boy, the moment the boy is released, rabbit says, “Run!” And the boy runs and escapes.

Then the rabbit says to the boy, “Don’t you enjoy crocodile flesh? Wouldn’t the people in your village like a good meal? You didn’t really release that crocodile; most of his body is still caught in that net. Why don’t you go to the village and bring everybody and have a banquet.”

That’s exactly what the boy does. He goes to the village and calls all the men folk. They come and kill the crocodile. The boy’s dog sees the rabbit; he gives chase, catches hold of the rabbit, and kills him. The boy comes on the scene too late, and as he watches the rabbit die, he says, “The crocodile was right, this is the way the life, and this is the law of life.”

Moral of the story:

There is no explanation for the evil, torture, hurt, ill-feelings…

Life is always a mystery, so try to solve it rather than cribbing on it.