Hometown..The place to visit

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hometown is just like heaven for everyone… the reason might be tons

It has good and bad reminiscences..

My hometown is a small and beautiful town in Shimoga District named Sagar..

Sagar is surrounded by western ghats and mesmerizing forest regions..it is famous for sandal wood and ivory carvings, and arecanut..

Here are some of the incidents which I would recollect.
Me and my sister used to have nice fun..going to uncle’s house..roaming in forest..catching fishes in small towels…

Once me, my sister and my cousin went to forest to catch fishes, bluffing at home saying we are going to study…

We had been trying to catch fish from morning till evening..but failed…

My mom had a habit of checking what we studied whole day…and

Guess what!! We were caught 🙂

Me and my sis used to go in cycle to school…being elder among us..i used to take her.. once unfortunately (I have to say so)…we fell down from the cycle..

And she got injured..From that day till now…she is not coming with me for a ride…I dont know the reason though ;).

We used to love rainy season, the reason is not like it is good for crop and bla bla bla…

it used to so rain heavily that we used to get holiday..Yipeeeee Holiday for school 🙂 Enjoy at home

During summer, we used to play with sand..just filling the sand in a big bottle and putting it back…

We also used to play housie housie…not like what the latest game is but..

We used to have our own imaginary house using Umbrellas, and leaves and sticks to divide the house…and cooking lunch using different leaves and flowers and pretending to call the other person for lunch and serving them.. Now if we think back it seems to be funny…but then it was an amazing game…

Childhood leaves memories to cherish.

Wish I had some super power to go back to my childhood..Ofcourse along with my sister..


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