Posted: September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

I had been to Masinagudi last year. I wished I had a Digital SLR with me to capture the nature that I can feel there and take back to my home. Enjoy the greenery, wild life and say Wow when I revisit the pictures.

My wish was fulfilled by my dear ones. Obviously, I am not a professional photographer. I explored the features of my DSLR and could get started with it. Initially, I used to take snaps in Auto mode. This was my starting phase…thereon I started taking pics in Close-up mode. I could see lot of progress in myself, and this self realization forces you to explore more and more.

That was the time when I felt I should use the tools given along with the Camera. Surprisingly, the tools were so well-defined even a person who starts from zero can reach highest peak of photography. Simply by adjusting the RGB settings one can get stupefying pictures.

 Here are some snaps:

Enjoy the pics and please comment, and thus help to improve.

  1. MoodyGemini says:

    Ohh so these pics are the products of SLR.. pink fresh flowers.. good job , keep experimenting 🙂

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