Networking- THEN and NOW

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Did you ever thought why we have tons of Social Networking sites? What will happen if the world of Internet crashes all of a sudden? Do you still come to know what is happening with our siblings or friends?

In this speedy world, we prefer everything to be fast and time saving. Social networking through Internet has become a part of our daily needs and brought a whole new dimension of communication.

Then, how it was earlier? Didn’t they have any problem in communication?

Let me narrate my grandma’s life
My grandma used to greet people from all class…Hug them, pat them, and welcome them to her house…Used to have a small chat with a cup of tea. They never expected anything more from her nor did she…
Every time I go to visit her, I was wonder struck to see one or the other person having a chat with my grandmother…

When she passed away, hundreds of people came to see her…

Imagine what will be the state, when we breathe our last…Our family and friends will be posting their condolences on a Social Networking site…

Earlier, people used to gather with friends and family. Enjoy the cool breeze, share the food. We now sit with our favorite blanket and bask in the glow of our laptop.

Social networking sites have paved the way for easier communication to our friends, family, or colleagues. We can share our thoughts, in a fraction of second to bunch of people. Saving the time and effort. Our society has truly become one of free speech for all and we are talking to one another across cultures, races, and the globe.

Does this all we need at the end of the day?

Are we not missing the magical touch of our family and friends?

All sorts of comments are welcome!!!

  1. D says:

    I think social networking is great helping people to remain in contact with each despite the distances and timings……….It even leads you to meeting long last friends sometimes and make new ones………And we still do attend to things and occasions physically as required depending on the situation. So i think social networking is a boon but no bane…….

  2. MoodyGemini says:

    Yes definitely in the yester years ,our grand parents had better communication in person.
    But on the brighter side of networking , if we see, just 15 years ago when the internet didnt catch up, communication was not very great compared to today. To be in touch with people via letters and phone was tough and people were out of communication for months and years together. Atleast in my case am in touch with friends and cousins more easily than I was 10,15 years ago. The point is that while we are making good use of n/w’ing sites, like you said, we shouldn’t limit our communication just to FB or chat and should make an attempt to get back that magical moments of meeting in person when ever time permits. Just a thought…

  3. Siva says:

    I think both the ways of networking are equally important. We need to use the networking sites to be in touch with people who are far off physically from you and do the traditional networking with the people who are nearby…..

  4. MoodyGemini says:

    @Siva …aisa kya.. how about traidtional networking this weekend?? 😀

    • Siva says:

      Sure, please come home, i am one call away ;- )

      • MoodyGemini says:

        BTW all of u ppl seem to have assumed that I will ask u guys to come down to my home 🙂 I had planned otherwise.

        But now after seeing u ppl getting together against me , I have dropped the idea 😛

  5. Pallavi says:

    @MoodyGemini, you are always welcome to our house…please plan to come down to have traditional networking 🙂

  6. MoodyGemini says:

    Ha ha ha..looks like you are too cautious that I may invite you to my house 🙂

  7. Sai says:

    Hey…guyz….dis seems to be more typical to say whether traditional or modern methods of networking is good… my view…its more of getting in depth of any relation to understand better about the person. For this one may need to have some time and energy, in the present day work life..both are limited. Keeping this as one of the factors for any relation to grow…I think one can appreciate the current means/channels to be in touch with the closer once.

  8. prof(retd). N. K. Rao says:

    I have reasonably gone through your blog views. I think you have a good command on the matter. I have enjoyed your views particularly on your grandmaa’s visit. The unnamed hotel, its menu; your school annual day; banavasi etc. are all superb. Now it is tiring to write about all the things. We share our views when we next meet at Hyderabad.
    with best wishes.

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