Hilarious Menu :)

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

When traveling to Tulu Nadu, we stopped to have dinner. Shocking was the menu card in that hotel. I never sniggered so much at a translation blunder. Check out these hilarious menu blunders that will make you think twice about what you are eating…

I don’t want to say the name of this hotel, one fine day you may come across it.

I couldn’t take proper pictures…as I don’t wanted to hurt the hotel guys…
Also, it was a rival city for my place… had not courage to take any chance…

Let me list some of the most funniest item names

1. Fri papad = Fried Papad
2. Veg Kari = Veg Curry
3. Dal fri = Daal Fry
4. Cpcicoo masala = Capsicum Masala
5. Malay koppta = Malai Kofta
6. Stapad cpcicoo = Stuffed Capsicum
7. Panneer fried rice = Paneer Fried Rice
8. Veg nodels = Veg Noodels
9. Kokombar raitha = Cucumber raitha

Many more waiting for you in the pictures…

Enjoy the menu 🙂

  1. D says:

    HAHAHA……………Nice can you send one Cpcicoo masala and Malay koppta take away to me………….

  2. MoodyGemini says:

    I love that Veg “Hyderayabaddi…”

  3. Siva says:

    Actually we had ordered Dal fri( = Daal Fry), could not believe that they would prepare so well, it was an excellent daal fry I ever had…..

    It was not a dabha, they managed to take our order even though it was a closing time.

    Need to appreciate the hospitality.

  4. MoodyGemini says:

    It so happens generally that when the backend is efficient, front end/presentation is not very effective and viceversa..

    There is an excellent road side dosa wallah who prepares fast and yummy dosas within minutes..ppl just flock to him. The taste cannot be compared with any small or big hotels

  5. MoodyGemini says:

    Agreeing with me for the sake of road side dosas or what ? 🙂

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